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Open source solutions like Joomla

The political benefits of creating a website
  1. Data sovereignty The use of open source solutions such as Joomla allows users to retain full control over their own data.  Unlike proprietary solutions where the provider may have access to or control your data, when using Joomla you can be confident that your data is in your own hands.  This strengthens the right to data sovereignty and ensures user privacy.

  2. Promoting digital freedom Open source software like Joomla promotes the idea of ​​digital freedom by allowing users to customize, extend and share the software according to their needs.  This is in contrast to proprietary systems where access to source code and customizations is restricted.  This freedom allows users to design their own digital environment and promotes creativity and collaboration.

  3. Vendor Independence By using open source solutions like Joomla, companies and individuals can reduce their dependence on proprietary software providers.  This means they don't have to rely on a specific provider that may impose expensive licensing fees or restrictive terms of use.  This independence allows users to make their own decisions and operate their websites without external restrictions.

  4. Strengthening the community Using open source software like Joomla helps strengthen the global developer and user community by encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas.  By sharing their work and solving problems together, community members develop a stronger bond and foster a sense of collective responsibility.  This contributes to the creation of a solidarity-based and democratic digital society.

  5. Fighting digital monopolies The proliferation of open source software like Joomla helps combat the dominance of a few large companies in the field of web development and online marketing.  Promoting alternatives to monopolistic solutions creates a more diverse and competitive landscape, leading to innovation and improvement in technologies.

Overall, open source solutions like Joomla offer not only technical advantages, but also political advantages that strengthen data sovereignty, digital freedom and independence of users.  These aspects contribute to creating a fairer and more democratic digital world.