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Lost Joomla password?

Forgotten your password and locked out? Find yourself again in your Joomla environment with our help.
Wann ist diese Leistung sinnvoll? Wenn Sie...
If access to the Joomla interface is blocked.
If unauthorized access is suspected and passwords have been changed.
In the event of a change of employee and missing access data.
After a long period of inactivity and a forgotten password.
If internal documentation is incorrect or incomplete.
In the event of database errors that affect login.

Password chaos? This is how we solve the problem

Quickly and safely return to your Joomla environment

It's nothing unusual: passwords get lost, employees change or systems update.  Access to your own Joomla website is then often blocked.  We offer you a quick and safe solution to exactly such problems.
After a basic check of the access data and the current situation, we develop an action plan.  We restore your access through targeted manipulation of the database or the recovery of user data.  We always work in accordance with data protection regulations and observe the current security standards.
After successfully restoring access, you will receive documentation of the work steps carried out and recommendations for the future to avoid such situations.

  • Quickly restore access.
  • Data protection compliant work.
  • Security check on request.
  • Minimizing the risk of failure.
  • Cost transparency right from the start.
Restoring access and continuing work without significant downtime.
Possible data loss due to improper personal initiative.

Act instead of waiting

Let us solve your Joomla password problem.
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Oft gestellte Fragen!
How quickly can access be restored?
Usually within one working day.
Is the service safe?
Yes, we adhere to all security and privacy policies.
What happens if recovery is not possible?
We offer alternative solutions.
Is my data safe?
Yes, data protection is a top priority.
Are there hidden costs?
No, we work transparently and clarify all costs in advance.
Wie wird nach der Lösung des Problems verfahren?
Auf Wunsch erhalten Sie eine Dokumentation und Empfehlungen für die Zukunft.
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If so, you will find a list of the last 5 posts from our blog on this topic here.
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