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We have been offering Yootheme Pro since2016. Take advantage of our enormous experience!
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YOOtheme Pro: Our success story and your advantages

We can proudly say that we backed the right horse from the start: YOOtheme Pro.  We have been there since its very first release in 2016 and have been offering YOOtheme Pro to our customers ever since, designing countless websites.  Our enthusiasm for the system has led us to give countless presentations about YOOtheme Pro at Joomla Days, Joomla Camps and Joomla User Groups.  Training courses on topics such as optimizing YOOtheme Pro for even better performance, using the site builder and creating scalable pages with YOOtheme Pro and dynamic content have been part of our everyday life ever since!
 With YOOtheme Pro, we not only design aesthetically pleasing websites for you, but also use the full range of its possibilities to take your online presence to the next level.  Our expertise allows us to make the most of YOOtheme Pro's elegant and diverse design options so that your website not only looks good, but also functions brilliantly.
 Additionally, we fully realize the true potential of YOOtheme Pro by integrating dynamic content, custom fields, post types, and more.  These advanced features enable a customized and flexible design of your website that is tailored exactly to your needs.  Whether it's integrating specific content or adapting to complex requirements, our goal is to maximize the power of YOOtheme Pro to provide innovative and functional solutions that exceed your expectations.

  • Drag-and-drop builder: Allows you to design websites quickly and intuitively without any programming knowledge.
  • Pre-built layouts: Over 100 professionally designed layouts for quick and easy implementation.
  • Style Library: Access over 70 handcrafted styles for custom and trendy website designs.
  • Dynamic Content: Integrating dynamic content from various sources for personalized website experiences.
  • Custom Fields: Extending the website with custom fields and post types for specific content requirements.
  • Responsive Design: Automatically adapts to all device types for an optimal user experience on mobile and desktop.
  • SEO Optimization: Structured and clean code base supports search engine optimization and improves visibility.
  • Regular updates: Constant development and regular updates ensure security and modern functions.
Easy drag and drop, pre-designed layouts, multiple customization options, scalable!
Limited design options, higher effort for individual designs

Why should you choose Joomla agency?

Why should you choose us? Some arguments to simplify your decision!

100% Open Source

Leveraging open source technologies that provide flexibility and adaptability.

Professional liability

Covered by professional liability insurance for added protection and peace of mind.

Transparent communication

Open and honest communication throughout the entire project.

No agency commitment

Flexibility in collaboration without long-term commitments or contracts.

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Oft gestellte Fragen!
What makes YOOtheme Pro unique compared to other website builders?
YOOtheme Pro stands out for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, extensive library of pre-built layouts and elements, and seamless integration of dynamic content and custom fields, offering unparalleled customization and flexibility.
Is YOOtheme Pro also suitable for beginners without programming knowledge?
Yes, YOOtheme Pro is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and professionals, offering an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and a live customizer that allows you to create and customize your website without a single line of code.
How does YOOtheme Pro support GDPR compliance?
YOOtheme Pro places great emphasis on data protection and GDPR compliance. This includes local storage of Google Fonts to reduce external requests and compliance with data protection regulations. Users also have the ability to configure and customize features such as cookies or tracking scripts as needed to meet GDPR requirements.
How long have you been offering YOOtheme Pro?
We have been offering YOOtheme Pro since its first release in 2016 and have since gained extensive experience and expertise in using and customizing this powerful tool for website design and development.
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If so, you will find a list of the last 5 posts from our blog on this topic here.
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