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Joomla advice

Advice on best practices, extensions and optimization options for Joomla
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Switching to Joomla-based systems
Adaptation of existing Joomla projects
Security concerns with Joomla implementations
Need for training in using Joomla

Comprehensive Joomla advice

For successful and secure websites

Our Joomla consulting offers you comprehensive support in all aspects related to the Joomla content management system.  From analyzing your existing infrastructure to strategic planning and implementation of Joomla solutions to customizing and optimizing Joomla templates and extensions, we are at your side.  Our experts will help you ensure the security of your Joomla-based website and provide training so that you and your team can use the system efficiently.  By working with us, you benefit from our experience and know-how to fully exploit the potential of Joomla and optimize your online presence.

  • Increased efficiency through optimized Joomla systems
  • Improving the security of your Joomla-based website
  • Customization of Joomla templates and extensions to your needs
  • Training and support for efficient use of Joomla
  • Strategic planning and implementation of Joomla solutions
  • Analysis and optimization of the existing Joomla infrastructure
  • Scalability and adaptability through Joomla consulting
  • Time and cost savings through professional advice and expertise
Increased efficiency and safety
Possible costs for consulting and implementation

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