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Creating Joomla websites from scratch, tailored to your individual requirements

A website with Joomla?

Your own website is the gateway to the world and the flagship for your company.  Web technology has become an integral part of people's everyday lives and the proportion is increasing every day.  For example, sales, advertising, processes and even relationships now take place exclusively via the web.  Thanks to the professionalization of our industry, customer requests are easier and easier to fulfill than ever before.

However, this leads to increased expectations among visitors and users.  It is no longer enough to simply have a website.  This means that a poorly maintained, unfashionable and outdated site is quickly identified and avoided.  Companies that cannot meet users' wishes and requirements also lose real sales and importance.  However, companies that recognize the value of the Internet and the marketing potential it offers and keep up with or even set the pace themselves can achieve great success.

In order to survive in this market, you need a system for websites that is easily customizable, quickly scalable and easy to use.  That's exactly what content management systems exist for, and Joomla is one of them.  Developed by thousands, used by millions and supported by a dedicated community, Joomla is the system of choice for companies of all sizes that want to operate a professional and sustainable web presence.

  • Speed: A new website is much faster because it is built on newer code and infrastructure
  • Security: A new website has the most up-to-date security measures that protect your data and customers
  • Functionality: With a well-designed new website, you can increase sales and conversion rates through improved usability
  • Cost: In most cases, creating a new website is more cost-effective than redesigning or redeveloping an old website
  • Professional web developers: Take care of all backend coding, ensuring your website is optimized for performance and looks great on all devices, including mobiles and tablets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Enjoy the advantages of a completely new site!
Don't lose customers due to outdated pages and unprofessional websites!

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What functions does the new website offer?
Pretty much everyone! You have to think of Joomla like an Android or Apple smartphone. You can install as many apps (extensions) as you want and use them to add functions.
Where can I find the administration of my new website?
The administration interface of your Joomla site, also known as the backend, can be found at the following link:
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If so, you will find a list of the last 5 posts from our blog on this topic here.
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