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We love Joomla!

Concentrated experience since 2009

Smart, fast, easy

The Joomla agency was founded in September 2009 by Ufuk Avcu. Since then she has completed a large number of projects, which you can view under References. The design and realization of the projects were always adapted to the individual needs and wishes of our customers. We are very pleased that interest in our agency is growing day by day. Clarity, reliability and intelligent solutions are the basic principles of our work.

The Name

Since we are a web design agency that specializes in the content management system Joomla! specializes, our company name JooAg is made up of the first three letters of the term Joomla! and the first two letters of the word agency together. The domain also belongs to JooAg. There is no clear reference for the pronunciation of the name JooAg. Joomla! is pronounced like "Jumla" in German. We have already heard JuEg, JuAg, JooEg and many other creative versions.

Our Joomlaners asd

How it all began...

On a beer mat in Leipzig. The rest is history!

Ufuk Avcu

from Hamburg

Joomla System Integrator

Ufuk Avcu is the founder and a driving force behind the Joomla agency. Since his agency was founded in 2009, he has been offering comprehensive consulting and development services. Not only has he been active in the Joomla community since the beginning, but he has become even more involved since 2011. He is the founder of the Joomla User Group in Hamburg and the largest German-speaking Joomla Facebook group. He is also a member of JandBeyond eV, was a team leader in the international marketing team and a certified Joomla administrator. Ufuk Avcu can be found regularly at many Joomla events.

Yves Hoppe

from Munich


Yves Hoppe ist international in der Joomla Community bekannt und verantwortlich für einige der besten Joomla Erweiterungen. Mit seiner Firma Compojoom betreibt er unter anderem Matukio, ein Event Managment System erster Güte und viele weitere Erweiterungen für Joomla. Außerdem ist er Ehrenamtlich für viele Bereiche in Joomla tätig und zur Zeit der Direktor des Joomla Projects / Open Source Matters.

Viktor Vogel

from Karlsruhe

Joomla Professional

Viktor works with Joomla! since 2005, leads the project “Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions” and was a member of some official Joomla! Teams (PLT/JSST). He works full-time at Plesk as a Tech Evangelist and Community Manager; before that he worked as Joomla! Specialist (Senior Development Specialist) at 1&1 Internet SE.v

David Neukirchen

from Cologne

Bratwurst & Kölsch

David Neukirchen, passionate full-stack web developer, Joomla core developer, certified administrator and open source enthusiast from Cologne. He has been developing web applications with his company Rheinsurfen for over 12 years with great attention to detail and has a particular passion for new technologies, innovative tools, bratwurst, football and Kölsch.

Oliver Schuldt

from Hamburg

Project Manager

Oliver Schuldt offers project management, consulting and training. Through years of experience in managing complex projects and documenting them, he enables our many internal and external processes to run smoothly.


from Hamburg

Facility Manager

The little terrier is a lot of fun and a real whirlwind who regularly shakes up our agency. It also ensures that your owner gets some fresh air every now and then in addition to working on the computer...

More reasons that speak for us!

Customized solutions

Joomla Agency creates customized solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and goals to achieve optimal results and high user satisfaction.

Individual strategies

The Joomla Agency develops individual strategies tailored to the needs and goals of each client to ensure the greatest possible success of their online projects.

Long-term partnership

The agency focuses on building long-term partnerships to ensure sustainable success for its clients and provide ongoing collaboration and support.

Customer Support

The Joomla Agency offers comprehensive customer support before, during and after project implementation to ensure that customers always receive help and support with any questions or problems.

Large network

The Joomla Agency has a large network of professionals and experts in the Joomla field, offering customers access to a variety of resources and know-how.

Joomla focus

The agency focuses exclusively on Joomla platforms to ensure high levels of expertise and achieve optimal performance and efficiency in the implementation of projects.

High problem-solving skills

The Joomla agency has a high level of problem-solving expertise, which enables it to solve complex problems quickly and effectively and provide customers with optimal solutions for their requirements.

100% Open Source

Joomla Agency uses 100% open source technologies to offer customers flexibility and adaptability and the ability to evolve their solutions as needed.


The Joomla Agency always stays informed about current trends, technologies and best practices in Joomla in order to offer its customers the best possible solutions and services.

History of the Joomla Agency

Our designs and requirements have also changed over the years. It had to be more modern, more beautiful and faster. With each relaunch we came closer to our goal and yet we never stop optimizing and improving our site.