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GDPR & Joomla

Implementation of data protection measures in accordance with the GDPR for Joomla-based websites
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want to ensure legal security
Process and store customer data

GDPR compliant Joomla websites

Data protection as a priority

In today's digital world, protecting personal data is more important than ever.  Our agency supports SMEs and public companies in making their Joomla websites GDPR-compliant.  We analyze your website to identify possible data protection vulnerabilities and suggest appropriate measures.
 Our experts implement technical and organizational solutions to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.  This includes, among other things, cookie management and the integration of a cookie banner, the adaptation of contact forms and newsletter registrations as well as the creation or revision of the data protection declaration.
 Our main goal is to minimize legal risks while creating a trustworthy online experience for your customers.  By focusing on privacy and security, we help your business achieve long-term success.

  • Reducing legal risks through GDPR compliance
  • Increase your customers' trust in your website
  • Adaptation of the website to current data protection regulations
  • Implementation of technical and organizational measures
  • Ensuring transparency regarding data usage
  • Protect your customers' privacy
  • Update of the data protection declaration in accordance with GDPR
  • Ongoing advice and support on data protection issues
Legally compliant website and increased customer trust
Possible effort and costs for implementation

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